Gunter Noris – King of Dance Music Vol.6

Rhythm/Style: Latin & Standard
Type: Instrumental
Brand: Gunter Noris


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1 Hot Rumba (Rumba)
2 Hot Samba (Samba)
3 Hot Tango (Tango)
4 Hot Twist (Twist)
5 I Love Samba (Samba)
6 I Love You (March)
7 In Love with You (Rumba)
8 Invitation to Swing (Quickstep)
9 Iris Blues (Slow)
10 Irish Romance (English Waltz)
11 Island Paradise (March)
12 It’s Christmas (Jive)
13 Jasmine Rumba (Rumba)
14 Jive All Night (Jive)
15 Jive and Jump (Jive)
16 Jive Baby (Jive)
17 Jive Jive Jive (Jive)
18 Joyful Jive (Jive)
19 Jubilee Waltz (Viennese Waltz)
20 Jukebox Jive (Jive)
21 Jumpin Jive (Jive)
22 Just Like You (Quickstep)
23 Kangaroo Cha Cha (Cha-Cha-Cha)


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