American Style Bronze Ballroom – Peabody


Learn the Bronze Syllabus in the comfort of your own home, with this comprehensive video, narrated by Esther Don, a Fellow I.S.T.D-BB, LA and AM: I strongly believe that, on a purely social level, ballroom dancing is the acceptable from of social “hugging” to music. This lead me to my second strongly belief that competitive dancing is a blend of proficiency, skill and dexterity, exhibited as an athletic art from, which is a stylized and refined version of that same “hugging” to music. This video strives to embrace both of those beliefs.” For this American Style Bronze video, a close study was conducted of all former figures in the syllabus according to their popularity. These figures embody sound dance technique. But allow latitude for individual expression.

Rhythm/Style: Peabody
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Dancer (Instructor): Esther Don
Format: DVD
Approx: 60 min.

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