Premium Standard – Ballroom Adventures



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1Ave Maria Paien (from ‘Notre Dame De Paris’) (Slow Waltz 28)JordanefrenchSoundtrack3:28
2Endless Love (from ‘Endless Love’) (Slow Waltz 28)Brodie & CadenceenglishSoundtrack2:40
3Civilization (from ‘Conan The Barbarian’) (Slow Waltz 29)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:51
4They Live In You (from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’) (Slow Waltz 29)Simon PhilipsenglishSoundtrack2:33
5What Was I Made For (from ‘Barbie’) (Slow Waltz 28)Stefania MorinaenglishSoundtrack2:29
6Across The Stars (from ‘Star Wars – Attack Of The Clones’) (Slow Waltz 28)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack3:09
7Wind Beneath My Wings (from ‘Beaches’) (Slow Waltz 28)RyderenglishPop3:15
8Everything Stays (from ‘Adventure Time’) (Slow Waltz 29)AdaleeenglishSoundtrack2:28
9Discombobulate (from ‘Sherlock Holmes’) (Tango 32)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:51
10Percy Jackson And The Olympians (from ‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’) (Tango 32)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:56
11Paint It Black (from ‘Wednesday’) (Tango 32)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:25
12The Avengers (from ‘Avengers Assemble’) (Tango 32)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:27
13Look For The Light (from ‘Only Murders In The Building’) (Viennese Waltz 58)CamilaenglishSoundtrack2:34
14Unsaid Emily (from ‘Julie And The Phantoms’) (Viennese Waltz 58)ZachenglishSoundtrack3:34
15My Sails Are Set (from ‘One Piece’) (Viennese Waltz 59)BelindaenglishSoundtrack3:16
16Relax (from ‘It Happened At The World’s Fair’) (Slowfox 28)Abram BensonenglishSoundtrack2:14
17Carolina (from ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’) (Slowfox 29)AdharaenglishSoundtrack3:08
18Black Trombone (from ‘Griselda’) (Slowfox 29)CorentinfrenchSoundtrack2:36
19I’m Ready (from Star Trek ‘Strange New Worlds – Subspace Rhapsody’) (Slowfox 28)MagdaenglishSoundtrack2:53
20A World Of Your Own (from ‘Wonka’) (Slowfox 28)ZachenglishSoundtrack2:35
21Been Like This (Quickstep 50)CadenceenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:54
22Delicate (Quickstep 50)Swingpop!englishSwing2:40
23Enjoy The Silence (Quickstep 50)Miss PepperenglishSwing2:35
24Narcotic (Quickstep 50)Swingpop!englishSwing1:52
25You Don’t Love Me (Quickstep 50)CadenceenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing3:29



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