West Coast Swing – Bronze Syllabus

Rhythm/Style: West Coast Swing
Dancer (Instructor): Ron & Karla Montez
Level of Dance: Bronze
Format: DVD / All Regions

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Produced by Dance Vision 2000. Approximately 70 minutes.

1 Under Arm Turn
2 Left Side Pass
3 Sugar Push
4 Right Side Pass
5 Tuck In From Left Side Pass
Demonstration-Figures 1-5
6 Tuck In From Right Side Pass
7 Half Whip Throw Out
8 Basic Whip
9 Inside Turn from Whip
10 Whip & Outside Turn
Demonstration-Figures 6-10
11 Whip with Check
12 Underarm Turn-Man’s Loop-Right Side Pass
13 Sugar Push Point
14 Lock Whip
15 Continuous Whip
Demonstration-Figures 11-15


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