Dips, Drops & Tricks Set (3DVD)

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Buy all 3 Dips, Drops & Tricks for all Styles of Dancing DVDs and save $4 comparing to buying them individually.

This offer consists of 3 DVDs:

  • Dips, Drops & Tricks Bronze for all Styles of Dancing
  • Dips, Drops & Tricks Silver for all Styles of Dancing
  • Dips, Drops & Tricks Gold for all Styles of Dancing

Rhythm/Style: All Styles
Dancer (Instructor): Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions

Original price was: $117.00.Current price is: $51.00.

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Bronze level:
1) Basic Dip-Left Hand, 2) Basic Dip-Right Hand, 3) Back Drop, 4) Back Drop to Fan Lunge, 5) Back Drop to Split, 6) Double Hand Drop, 7) Double Hand Drop to Split, 8) Leg Wrap, 9) Reverse Leg Wrap , 10) Hitch Kick, 11) Simple Fan, 12) Lunge Dip, 13) Neck Drop, 14) Quarter Snake from a Basic Dip, 15) Basic Cradle

Silver level:
1) Basic Hip Lift Double Hand Hold, 2) Basic Hip Lift Single Hand Hold, 3) Tour Jeté Throw 4) Fish Lift, 5) Attitude Lift, 6) Jeté Lift, 7) Circular Jeté Lift, 8) Cuddle to Reverse Flair Throw, 9) Back to Back Fan, 10) Three-Quarter Snake

Gold level:
1) Roll Dip, 2) Double Hand Roll Drop, 3) Back Drop, & Throw, 4) Drop Slash, 5) Lindy Lift, 6) Shoulder Sit, 7) Behind the Back Arabesque, 8) Death Sweep, 9) Assisted Aerial Walkover, 10) Around the Neck into a Hip Lift


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