Bring 19 Smiles to your feet


More of Dancelife’s greatest hits – remixed and edited plus previously unreleased tracks!
RHYTHM/STYLE: Ballroom & Latin
ALBUM LABEL: Dancelife

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1Contageous (from ‘Resident Evil – Extinction’) (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop03:25
2Play The Game Of Love (short version) (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop02:25
3Tonight (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishCountry02:23
4If I Ain’t Got You (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop03:52
5Zorzal Criollo (DJ Sylz Mix) (short version) (Tango 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalElectro03:15
6Baby Get Higher (Tango 32)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop02:42
7It’s In Your Eyes (Tango 32)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop02:49
8Noche De Tango (short version) (Tango 31)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishWorld Music02:27
9This Can’t Be Love (from ‘The Boys From Syracuse’) (Slowfox 29)The Studio GroupenglishSoundtrack01:50
10Treat Me Right (DJ Sylz Mix) (Slowfox 28)Chelsea SaundersenglishSwing02:25
11Don’t Give Up (Viennese Waltz 59)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop02:09
12Are You Gonna Be My Girl (from ‘Flushed Away’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack03:09
13Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (from ‘Because I Said So’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack02:58
14I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (DJ Sylz Mix) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop02:12
15Toma Que Toma (DJ Sylz Mix) (Samba 49)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop02:57
16Club Nova (The Ultimate Seduction) (Samba 50)DJ SylzinstrumentalLatin Pop02:00
17Que El Ritmo No Pare (short version) (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop01:52
18Que La Detengan (Samba 51)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop02:35
19Otra Vez (Short Version) (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishRock01:46
20Tengo Loco El Corazón (short version) (Cha Cha 31)The Latin ClubspanishLatin Pop02:27
21El Olor De La Papaya (short version) (Cha Cha 31)The Latin ClubspanishLatin Pop01:56
22Café (DJ Sylz Mix) (Cha Cha 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishWorld Music02:22
23Underneath Your Clothes (Short Version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop01:55
24Primer Amor (Endless Love) (short version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop02:20
25Hero (short version) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop02:25
26Como Abeja Al Panal (short version) (Rumba 26)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop02:14
27La Traviesa (short version) (Jive 43)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishNu Jazz/Electro Swing01:48
28Tainted Love (Swing Remix) (Jive 40)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop03:06
29Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Jive 43)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSwing02:37
30Fuegos (DJ Sylz Mix) (‘Espana Cani’ Phrasing, 3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)Big Band Der BundeswehrinstrumentalOrchestra02:04
31Pasopim (‘Espana Cani’ Phrasing, 3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra02:06


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