Casa Musica – The Ballroom Mix 11 (2CD)


A unique mixture of 44 exquisite original recordings from all over the world in perfect rhythm and tempo for ballroom dancing!

Rhythm/Style: Ballroom
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Casa Musica
Album Year: 2023

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1Evie (Part 2) (Slow Waltz 28)Neil FergusonenglishPop2:05
2Love You Anyway (Slow Waltz 28)CadenceenglishPop2:38
3Jean (Slow Waltz 28)Matt Monro Jr. & Matt MonroenglishPop3:30
4Instrument Of Peace (Slow Waltz 28)The TenorsenglishClassic Music3:16
5In The Middle Of The Night (Slow Waltz 29)Esther Van KommerenglishPop3:47
6Amore Baciami (Slow Waltz 29)Betty CurtisitalianPop2:09
7Some People’s Lives (Slow Waltz 29)Michael JohnsonenglishPop2:58
8Lullaby Of The Moon (Diana Theme) (Slow Waltz 29)David Vitas feat. Elsie LovelockenglishSoundtrack3:43
9Call My Name (Slow Waltz 29)Natalia Krishtopets & London Studio SymphonyenglishSoundtrack2:31
10Sometimes When It Rains (Slow Waltz 28)Frank BrempelinstrumentalOrchestra3:07
11Buenos Aires (Tango 32)French LatinofrenchOrchestra3:03
12Amor Congelado (Tango 32)District 78instrumentalElectro2:39
13Tango On The Terrace (Tango 32)Eugen DogainstrumentalOrchestra2:40
14Pasion (Tango 32)Beppe CarnevaleinstrumentalElectro3:15
15Built To Conquer (Tango 32)Roy KowalskiinstrumentalOrchestra1:54
16Perro Viejo (Tango 32)Otros AiresspanishElectro3:09
17Sunrise Tango (Tango 32)Tony KinseyinstrumentalOrchestra3:11
18Balada (Tango 32)Frederic ChauvigneinstrumentalElectro1:58
19Le Continental (from ‘The Gay Divorcee’) (Viennese Waltz 58)Laura FygifrenchMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy2:34
20Far Far Away (Viennese Waltz 58)Blackmore’s NightenglishPop2:41
21Solo Por Ti (Viennese Waltz 58)Renato CostaitalianClassic Music2:36
22Shun Dara Kora (Angel Of Gladness) (Viennese Waltz 59)SanavéotherPop3:14
23Jazz Man (Slowfox 28)Swingpop!englishSwing3:14
24Tea For Three (Slowfox 28)The WillowsenglishSwing2:47
25Human (Slowfox 28)The Cooltrane Quartet feat. Michelle Simonal & Francoise SandersenglishSwing2:13
26Take My Breath Away (from ‘Top Gun’) (Slowfox 28)Flora MartinezenglishSwing2:46
27Don’t Forget To Say Goodnight (Slowfox 28)Alicia GiannienglishSwing3:12
28Quiet Fire (Slowfox 28)The Final Vinyl QuartetenglishSwing3:32
29Love Potion No. 9 (Slowfox 28)Dan BarrettenglishSwing3:13
30My Treasure (Slowfox 29)Paul SandroneenglishSwing3:20
31Brand New Pair Of Wings (Slowfox 29)The WeepiesenglishPop3:14
32No Regrets (Slowfox 29)Phillipa AlexanderenglishSwing3:12
33It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) (Quickstep 50)The Crown ProjectenglishSwing2:42
34Csak A Csajod Legyen Magyar! (Quickstep 50)Gringo Star feat. Geszti PéterhungarianNu Jazz/Electro Swing3:18
35Fuddy Duddy (Quickstep 50)The WillowsenglishSwing2:58
36Hard Luck (Quickstep 50)Tia BrazdaenglishElectro2:27
37I Need A Dollar (Quickstep 50)Swingpop!englishSwing2:03
38Kat Walk (Quickstep 50)Marina & The KatsenglishSwing2:57
39Kissanainen (Quickstep 50)Nina AkermanfinnishSwing2:24
40Nine To Five (from ‘9 To 5’) (Quickstep 50)The Puppini Sisters feat. The Pasadena Roof OrchestraenglishSwing3:31
41Lilly (Quickstep 50)Helen BankfrenchSwing2:44
42Shout Sister Shout (Quickstep 50)The Su’sisenglishSwing2:08
43Too Crazy (Quickstep 50)Tia BrazdaenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:53
44Why Don’t You Just Call (Quickstep 50)Tape FiveenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing3:21


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