NDMI – Latin El Ritmo Fatal (2CD)


Rhythm/Style: Latin
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: NDMI

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116 Toneladas (16 Tons) (Samba 51)Mattia Di Renzo feat. Alessandro OlivatoportugueseWorld Music2:38
2Mamacita (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzospanishLatin Pop2:13
3Senoras Y Senores (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalElectro2:15
4Mas Que Nada (Samba 50)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraportugueseRhythm3:03
5Contorsionate (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalElectro2:31
6Vamos Chicos (Samba 51)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishRhythm3:38
7Baia (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalLatin Pop3:04
8Barella (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalElectro2:36
9Batuka Ay Ay Ay (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalRhythm2:46
10Djembe (Samba 51)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalRhythm3:02
11El Ritmo De Samba (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzospanishLatin Pop2:13
12El Ritmo Fatal (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoportugueseElectro3:03
13Funk Tha Bossa (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalRhythm2:46
14Guatemala (Samba 51)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishRhythm3:02
15Zemlot (Samba 51)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalPop2:34
16Babalù (Cha Cha 31)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishWorld Music2:08
17Club De La Habana (Cha Cha 31)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishLatin Pop3:20
18C’Mon (Cha Cha 31)Mattia Di RenzoenglishPop2:23
19Dale (edit) (Cha Cha 31)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalPop2:38
20Yolanda (Cha Cha 31)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishLatin Pop3:30
21I Don’t Lose You (Cha Cha 31)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishNu Jazz2:26
22Qué Chimba (Cha Cha 31)Luca D.spanishPop2:29
23Quiero Tu Amor (Cha Cha 31)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishLatin Pop2:25
24Shake Your Body (Cha Cha 31)Mattia Di RenzoenglishPop2:28
25Sway (Quien Sera) (Cha Cha 31)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra feat. Lady BirdenglishSwing3:08
26Al Final (Rumba 23)DJ OttavixspanishPop3:01
27Be Kind (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishPop2:57
28É Isso Aí (The Blower’s Daughter) (Rumba 23)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraportuguesePop2:47
29Everything Will Be Fine (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra3:05
30Fate (Rumba 24)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalOrchestra2:12
31Horny (edit) (Rumba 24)DJ AndrewenglishNu Jazz3:06
32If You Leave Me Now (Rumba 24)DJ AndrewenglishPop3:20
33Faded (Interlude) (Rumba 23)DJ Andrew feat. The Latin DrumsitalianPop1:41
34It Ain’t Easy (edit) (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSoul2:50
35L’Importante È Finire (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra feat. Lady BirditalianPop2:53
36Mariel (edit) (Rumba 24)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalOrchestra2:56
37Midnight Sky (Rumba 24)DJ AndrewenglishPop2:35
38Piensa En Mi (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra & Mattia Di RenzospanishWorld Music2:56
39The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishPop3:51
40The Moon Bay (Rumba 24)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:46
41The Shadow Of Your Smile (from ‘The Sandpiper’) (Rumba 25)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalSoundtrack3:14
42El Gringo (‘Espana Cani’ Phrasing, 2 Highlights) (Paso Doble 59)Mattia Di RenzoinstrumentalOrchestra1:25
43Blinding Lights (Jive 43)DJ ChicoenglishPop2:58
44Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Jive 43)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra feat. Lady BirdenglishPop2:20
45Dance On The Clouds (Jive 43)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishBlues2:34
46I’m The Only One (Jive 43)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:27
47Loser (Jive 43)Mattia Di RenzoenglishElectro Swing2:31
48Oh No! (edit) (Jive 43)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:28
49Sultans Of Swing (Jive 43)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra & Mattia Di RenzoenglishPop3:05
50You Don’t Know (Jive 43)Mattia Di Renzo feat. Alessandro OlivatoenglishPop2:42


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