2004 UK Open Dance Championship Latin


In the Professional Latin, Dmitri Timokhin & Anna Bezikova (Russia) became champions, and Sergey Ryupin & Elena Khvorova (Russia) ranked in the 4th place. It is seen that the former champions and other important competitors such as Bryan Watson & Carmen, Paul Killick & Hanna Karttunen, Michael Wentink have not participated in this competition. Matthew Cutler is not seen in the list. It is noticeable that Jay Park (Korea) have entered partnership with Nicole Cutler, who has been the partner with Matthew Cutler, ranked in the 8th place.

In the Amateur Lain, Riccardo Cocchi & Joanne Wilkinson (Italy) became the champions, Klaus Kongsdal & Victoria Franova (Denmark) 2nd place, and Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova (U.S.A.) 3rd place.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Level of Dance: Competition
Format: DVD / All Regions



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United Kingdom Open
Amateur Latin American Championship
1st Place 246. Riccardo Cocchi & Joanne Wilkinson (Italy)
2nd Place 144. Klaus Kongsdal & Viktoria Franova (Denmark)
3rd Place 9. Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova (USA)
4th Place 81. Sergey Surkov & Agnieszka Melnicka (Poland)
5th Place 188. Peter Stokkebroe & Kristina Juel (Denmark)
6th Place 58. Maurizio Vescovo & Melinda Torokgyorgy (Hungary)

United Kingdom Open
Professional Latin American Championship
1st Place 63. Dmitri Timokhin & Anna Bezikova (Russia)
2nd Place 97. Andrej Skufca & Katarina Venturini (Slovenia)
3rd Place 146. Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis (Poland)
4th Place 157. Sergey Ryupin & Etena Khvorova (Russia)
5th Place 170. Paul Richar dson & Olga Rodionova (USA)
6th Place 33. Paul Green & Aleksandra (USA)


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