Dancelife – Movies & Musicals 3


ALBUM LABEL: Dancelife
ALBUM ARTIST: Dancelife Studio Orchestra

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1On Broadway (from ‘All That Jazz’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:17
2Ladies Night (from ‘Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen’) (DJ Manu Mix) (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:05
3Jungle Boogie (from ‘Mr. 3000’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:43
4Super Freak (from ‘Suicide Squad’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:34
5After Dark (from ‘From Dusk Till Down’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:24
6Over The Rainbow (from ‘Alpha Dog’) (Rumba 24) (DJ Manu & DSDJ Melnikov Mix)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:32
7Tears In Heaven (from ‘Rush’) (DJ Manu Mix) (Rumba 23)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:58
8Out Of Reach (from ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:10
9Aquarius (from ‘Hair’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:51
10Love Is In The Air (from ‘Strictly Ballroom’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack4:18
11Uptight (from ‘Glory Road’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Jive 35)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:48
12Sweet Soul Music (from ‘Talk To Me’) (DJ Manu Mix) (Jive 42)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:03
13Shake Your Tailfeather (from ‘Blues Brothers’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Jive 41)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:43
14Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (from ‘Because I Said So’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:50
15Hit Me Up (from ‘Happy Feet’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:18
16Are You Gonna Be My Girl (from ‘Flushed Away’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:00
17Don’t Worry, Be Happy (from ‘Flushed Away’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Slowfox 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack5:32
18Claire (from ‘Margot At The Wedding’) (DJ Manu Mix) (Slowfox 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:39
19The Heart Of Every Girl (from ‘Mona Lisa Smile’) (DJ Manu Mix) (Slowfox 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:32
20‘Peter Gunn’ Theme (from ‘Blues’ Brothers’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Tango 32)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalSoundtrack3:36
21I Want To Break Free (from ‘We Will Rock You’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Tango 32)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:23
22Under Pressure (from ‘We Will Rock You’) (DJ Manu Mix) (Tango 32)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:11
23Two Thousand Miles (from ‘The History Boys’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Viennese Waltz 59)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:27
24Contageous (from ‘Resident Evil – Extinction’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:25



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