The Best Of Ballroom Music – Part 19 (2CD)

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Casa Musica

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1Starlight (Slow Waltz 29)Natalia Krishtopets & London Studio SymphonyenglishClassic Music3:27
2Buongiorno Principessa (Slow Waltz 29)Domenico GalloitalianClassic Music3:28
3Celtic Garden (Gmix) (Slow Waltz 28)David Arkenstone feat. David DavidsoninstrumentalWorld Music3:20
4Sometimes When We Touch (Slow Waltz 29)Phoebe AndersonenglishPop3:34
5Ninna Nanna Fiorentina (Slow Waltz 29)Orchestra Mandolonistica ItalianainstrumentalWorld Music3:49
6She (Slow Waltz 29)Gore JenkinsenglishPop2:52
7The Sand And The Foam (Slow Waltz 29)Dan FogelbergenglishPop4:39
8We Are (Slow Waltz 28)Simon PhilipsenglishPop3:07
9Life’s Lullaby (Slow Waltz 29)Don FelderenglishPop4:34
10Theme From ‘Ant-Man’ (Tango 32)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:49
11Tango Per La Libertà (from ‘Tango Per La Libertà) (Tango 32)Stefano LentiniinstrumentalSoundtrack2:08
12La Savia (Tango 32)Son’rainstrumentalElectro3:12
13Maleva (Tango 32)Diego RodriguezinstrumentalElectro3:34
14A New Life (Tango 32)MisSissenglishMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy3:17
15Hombre Tanguero (Tango 32)Fausto PedroniinstrumentalElectro3:07
16Jealousy (Tango 32)Danny MalandoinstrumentalOrchestra3:10
17Last Tango (Tango 32)Vladimir CosmainstrumentalOrchestra2:39
18El Choclo (Tango 32)Pedro GonezinstrumentalOrchestra2:37
19Kiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me (from ‘Three Nuts For Cinderella’) (Viennese Waltz 58)Kriemhild Maria SiegelenglishSoundtrack2:59
20Oceano (Viennese Waltz 58)Renato CostaitalianClassic Music3:23
21Spancil Hill (Viennese Waltz 58)Bill CantosenglishPop2:43
22Maria Mari’ (Viennese Waltz 58)Mauro NardiitalianWorld Music3:21
23Lucky World (Slowfox 29)Guy BarkerenglishSwing2:59
24The Birth Of The Blues (Slowfox 28)Brantley MylesenglishSwing2:09
25Take Me To The Moon (Slowfox 29)Ana BezjakenglishSwing1:58
26Look What You Started (Slowfox 29)Peter Sprague Lounge Band feat. Dwayne LawsonenglishSwing2:56
27The Good Life (Slowfox 28)Gregg TaylorenglishSwing1:57
28Slap That Bass (from ‘Shall We Dance’) (Slowfox 29)Georgia BrownenglishSoundtrack2:49
29Englishman In New York (Slowfox 28)Matt SangerenglishPop3:37
30Lemon Tree (Slowfox 28)The Lost FingersenglishMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy4:00
31Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream A Little Dream Of Me) (Slowfox 28)Sylvie VartanfrenchSwing2:48
32Dancing In The Dark (Slowfox 29)Big DaddyenglishRhythm & Blues/Rockabilly3:22
33Halo (Slowfox 29)George White Group feat. Luca GiaccoenglishPop3:27
34Jein (Quickstep 50)GoldmeistergermanSwing2:49
35L’Italiano (Quickstep 50)Matteo BrancaleoniitalianSwing3:17
36(I Went To A) Marvellous Party (from ‘Set To Music’) (Quickstep 50)Beverley KnightenglishSoundtrack4:08
37Playin’ At The Copa (Quickstep 50)Swingin’ Daddy DickenglishSwing3:21
38Sevivon Sov, Sov, Sov (Quickstep 50)Kenny EllishebrewSwing2:14
39The Look (Quickstep 50)The Swing KingsenglishSwing3:16
40Ain’t She Sweet (Quickstep 50)Patrick LindnerenglishOrchestra2:32
41Pour Faire Une Jam (Quickstep 50)BeaudouinfrenchMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy2:35
42Parla Piu Piano (Speak Softly Love) (from ‘The Godfather’) (Quickstep 50)DJ Farrapo feat. Maria Giulia LombardiitalianSoundtrack3:00
43Dream Girl (Quickstep 50)Martin WikstromenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:20
44Night And Day (from ‘Gay Divorce’) (Quickstep 50)Gani TamirenglishSoundtrack3:15


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