Premium Standard – Ballroom Sunrise 2


Ballroom Sunrise 2. The Music of this ballroom dance album that coming from Japanese Movies, TV-Series, Computer games and Manga’s, are the topic of this special edition of the legendary Premium Standard Series. Featuring the opulent orchestral recordings in Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slowfox and Quickstep, this mainly instrumental ballroom CD provides a special experience you are not willing to miss!

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Premium Standard

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 Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
01Theme From Lighthouse On The HillSlow Waltz292:32Hollywood Movie Strings
02Sayonara No Natsu (From Up On Poppy Hill)Slow Waltz294:00Hang Shuen Lee
03Kanashimi No WaltzSlow Waltz292:37The Premium Standard Orchestra
04Kimigakureta JikanSlow Waltz293:57Maurice Giro
05Saigo No Chushingura (From The Last Ronin)Slow Waltz292:58The Premium Standard Orchestra
06Canta Per Me (From Noir)Tango323:27Hollywood Movie Strings
07Tango AmoreTango323:27Enrique Monchez
08Tanghesta SextetoTango322:37Passion
09Theme of Hanzawa NaokiTango322:53Hollywood Movie Strings
10Kioku Noi KairouViennese Waltz582:25Carlos Ortega
11Theme From A Dorr To Your HeartViennese Waltz582:37Hollywood Movie Strings
12Marina GrandeSlowfox283:23Noirot Laurente
13Them From Chili-Tote-ChinSlowfox283:10The Premium Standard Orchestra
14Sekai No ShasoukaraSlowfox283:39The Premium Standard Orchestra
15Stage (From Dr. Koto Shinryojo)Slowfox282:38Hollywood Movie Strings
16Hinotama JiveQuickstep513:06Swing City Giants
Love Is Bubble (Memories Of Matsuko)Quickstep512:42Hang Shuen Lee
18Sayonara No Natsu Instr. (From Up On Poppy Hill)Slow Waltz294:13Byron Harper


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