Dancehouse – Latin Music 2

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Dancehouse


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Title Artist Length Dance Tempo Styles
Cream DJ Hoot 04:03 CC 28 Pop, English Vocals
Smooth (Latino Club Mix) DJ Ramos 03:48 CC 30 Latin Pop, English Vocals
Dimelo (Spanish Soul Edit) DJ Ramos 03:21 CC 31 Latin Pop, Spanish Vocals
Let’s Get Loud (Miami Mix) K.Y.J. 04:13 CC 31 Pop, English Vocals
Mucho Mambo Banda Alegria 03:33 CC 31 Pop, English Vocals
Man, I Feel Like A Woman (Short Groove) Siana Reyford 03:52 JI 31 Pop, English Vocals
Should I Do It Eline Lindsay 03:49 JI 34 Pop, English Vocals
I Got A Girl Tony Leone 03:06 JI 43 Pop, English Vocals
Zoot Suit Riot Red Hot Boogie Bumpers 04:07 JI 43 Swing, English Vocals
The Morning After (from ‘The Poseidon Adventure’) Anne Thorup 02:12 RB 19 Film / Musical, English Vocals
In All The Right Places (from ‘Indecent Proposal’) Robyn West 05:10 RB 24 Film / Musical, English Vocals
Happy Ever After Lina Wyner 03:41 RB 25 Pop, English Vocals
Loco Lorenz Robisco 02:55 RB 25 Authentic Music, Spanish Vocals
Tell Me Why Denise Rawlins 03:51 RB 25 Pop, English Vocals
One Note Samba Blake Owens 02:29 SB 34 Evergreens, English Vocals
Amelia (South Beach Dub) Rodrigo Ibanez 05:31 SB 51 Latin Pop, Spanish Vocals
Mambo Swing Red Hot Boogie Bumpers 03:29 SB 51 Evergreens, English Vocals
Mi Chico Latino Lia 03:05 SB 51 Latin Pop, English Vocals
Salome Sancho Salas 05:03 SB 51 Latin Pop, Spanish Vocals


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