Basic Routine & Demonstration


The First half is the basics, in which how two can match the timing is shown. And the latter, their wild demonstrations with their strong lithe physique are completely filmed in a full costume and lighting environment.
Welcome to the world of our Latin dance. Today, we will demonstrate the 5 Latin dances. In the first half, we will show how to match the timing of both the dancers, and later, we will show the demonstration. Have fun!”

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Dancer (Instructor): Allan Tornsberg & Serena Lecca
Level of Dance: All Levels
Quality Video: Low quality.


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  1. Samba / Cha-Cha / Rumba / Paso Doble / Jive
  2. Dance basic routine to music
  3. Dance to count
  4. Dance to music and count
  5. Show demonstration


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