Tango Lessons with the World Champions


Sensual, soulful, elegant and refined – the Tango is born from the movement of the dancers. “Tango Lessons” takes you to the world champions Gisela and Gaspar Godoy Galeassi into the world of saloon Tango and Stage Tango. The DVD offers a carefully designed course for saloon tango to learn to dance and shine in the “milongas”. Throughout the course, the World Champion explained the steps from the basic step to the “Ocho” and other characters like the “sacadas”, “Ganchos” and “voleos”.

Rhythm/Style: Argentine Tango
Dancer (Instructor): Gisela Galeassi & Gaspar Goboy
Level of Dance: Beginners – Intermediate
Format: DVD / All Regions
Language: Español/English/Français/Deutsch/Japanese
Approx: 76 min.

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Salon Tango

  • Basic Positions
  • Basic Step
  • Crossed Opening
  • Ocho Backwards
  • Ocho Forwards
  • Crossed Ocho Forwards
  • “Sangüichito”
  • Half Turn
  • Half Turn With Ocho Milonguero
  • Turn With Stop
  • Combined Turn
  • Simple “Sacada” With “Voleo”
  • Turn With Curl and “Gancho Castigado”
  • Combined “Sacada” With Final “Voleo”
  • Final Tango

Stage Tango

  • The Choice of a Tango That Would Touch Our Souls
  • Study the Tango to Be Choreographed
  • Design the Opening
  • Join All the Designed Steps
  • Variation
  • The Final Position
  • Wardrobe and Make-up
  • Final Result

In addition, the couple in front of various methods for the design of choreography. From the starting position up to choosing the right wardrobe and makeup explain Gaspar Godoy and Gisela Galeassi as an effective stage Tango arises. As a prerequisite, the world champion to call the choice of a music that touches the soul. For this ensure legendary musicians such as Luis Borda, Ruben Juarez and Maria Grana, which are shown at various concerts. The most famous tango orchestra in the world that Sexteto Mayor, also interprets compositions by A. Pontier, H. Salgan, J. and M. Libertella Mores.


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