American Smooth – Bronze Foxtrot Syllabus

American Style Smooth Bronze Tango Syllabus. This Tango instructional DVD provides the latest dance routines primarily for bronze level dancers to upgrade their dance steps. Michael Mead & Toni Redpath bring the classic selection of American Style Tango Syllabus.
Rhythm/Style: Tango
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 226 min.

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Introduction to Foxtrot Timing
Alternative Footwork Note
1. Basic
2. Promenade
3A. Rock Turn to Left (Left Rock Turn)
3B. Rock Turn to Right (Right Rock Turn)
4. Sway Step
5A. Sway Underarm Turn
5B. Promenade Underarm Turn
6A. Zig Zag in Line
6B. Zig Zag Outside Partner
7. Box Step
Demonstration of Figures 1-7
8. Twinkle
9. Promenade Twinkles
10A. Turning Twinkles to Outside Partner
10B. Turning Twinkles to Outside Partner with Underarm Turn
11. Grapevine
12. Promenade Twist
13. Promenade Pivot
14A. Running Steps in Basic Rhythm
14B. Running Steps in Box Rhythm
15. Twinkle & Weave with Grapevine
Demonstration of Figures 8-15
Bonus Figure: Fallaway Twinkles
Open Bronze Freestyle Demo


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