Dj Nature – Winter Fantasy

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Dj Nature

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Track listing:
01-Are You Lonesome Tonight (Slow Waltz Edit) 28BPM
02-Wide River To Gross (Slow Waltz Edit) 29BPM
03-Carry On (Slow Waltz Edit) 29BPM
04-Nostalgic Song (Slow Waltz Edit) 29BPM
05-Everlasting Summer (Sergey Eybog Cover) [Slow Waltz 30BPM]
06-Paparazzi (Tango Remix) 32BPM
07-Levels (Tango) 32BPM
08-Kiss My Eyes (Tango Remix) 32BPM
09-Cry For You (Tango Remix) 32BPM
10-I Was Made for Lovin’ You (Tango Remix) 32BPM
11-Waltz Of Doubts (Viennese Waltz Remix) 58BPM
12-Love On The Brain (Viennese Waltz Edit) 58BPM
13-Balerina (Viennese Waltz Remix) 58BPM
14-Bistro Fada (Viennese Waltz Edit) 59BPM
15-Lasa-ma asa (Viennese Waltz Edit) 60BPM
16-Sugarpie And The Candymen (Slow Fox Edit) 29BPM
17-Take on me (Slow Fox Edit) 29BPM
18-Rat In My Kitchen (Slow Fox Edit) 59BPM
19-Gypsy Woman (Slow Fox Remix) 29BPM
20-Personal Jesus (Slow Fox Edit) 29BPM
21-Walk Like An Egyptian (Quick Step Edit) 51BPM
22-Crazy In Love (Quick Step Edit) 51BPM
23-Putting On The Ritz (Quick Step Remix) 51BPM
24-Dziewczyny (Quick Step Edit) 51BPM
25-Bunga Book (Quick Step Edit) 51BPM


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