Lindy Hop – Charleston Vol.1

This excellent DVD contains more than 25 steps and moves.
As a bonus you can see Marcus & Barbel jamming together with other great swing dancers after the instructional section of the videos.
Marcus & Barbel teach you everything you ever wanted to know about Charleston.
Starting with Partner Charleston of the 30s you will follow the path up to the fantastic Charleston steps of the Lindy Hop.
The Partner Charleston section doesn’t require any prior knowledge, but to benefit from the Lindy Charleston moves you should have a foundation in Lindy Hop.

Starring: Barbl Kaufer, Marcus Koch
Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Genre: Lindy Hop
Running Time: 100 minutes


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1.Partner Charleston
2.Charleston Basics
4.Basic With Kicks
5.Side Touches
6.Turn Around In Basic
7.Turn Around To Open
8.Crazy Knees
10.Transitional Lindy
11.Break Away
12.Break Stop
13.Lindy Charleston
14.Long Legged Charleston
15.Squat Charleston
16.Flying Charleston
17.Jump Charleston
18.Passing At Side
19.Under Arm Jump
21.Marcus & Bдrbl Jam
22.LA Jammers


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