Latin Characterization Paso Doble


These videos are slightly different from other teaching videos because Paul and Hanna do not teach you steps as such. It is assumed you already know the popular medium-advanced latin steps danced at competitions. Instead, they concentrate on the inner feeling and attitude and explain in detail the man-woman characterization behind each action. They give an in-depth analysis of what they imagine and how they feel inside producing every movement. This video could be called a workshop in acting as much as dancing. Quite fascinating!

Rhythm/Style: Paso Doble
Dancer (Instructor): Paul Killick & Hanna Karttunen
Level of Dance: Intermediate – Advanced
Format: DVD / All Regions
Running time: 42 min.


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Every video containes 2 groups, which Paul and Hanna demonstrate together, then explain Man’s timimg and Lady’s timing. The most emphasis is however put on the explanation of the acting element in each group.

Paso Doble

  • Dance with music
  • Dance with music / another angle
  • Explanation of each step
  • Lady’s timing
  • Lady’s timing / another angle
  • Man’s timing
  • Man’s timing / another angle
  • Dance to a different music


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