Latin Classics Vol. 4 – Latin Legends (2CD)


ALBUM LABEL: Casa musica

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1One Note Samba (Samba 41)Cliff RichardenglishEvergreen2:28
2Se Voce Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear (Samba 43)Golden BoysportugueseWorld Music2:22
316 Toneladas (16 Tons) (Samba 45)Noriel VilelaportugueseEvergreen1:59
4Mary Anne (Samba 48)Freddy ColeenglishEvergreen2:51
5No Meu Pe De Serra (Samba 49)Pancho CataneoportugueseEvergreen1:40
6Comes Once In A Lifetime (from ‘Subways Are For Sleeping’) (Samba 50)Edmundo Ros & His OrchestrainstrumentalSoundtrack2:05
7Samba Cinquo (Samba 50)Juan MenendezinstrumentalOrchestra2:34
8Mulher Rendeira (Samba 50)Nico GomezportugueseWorld Music3:10
9Soul Cha Cha (Samba 50)DRS Big BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:28
10Samba Fiesta (Samba 50)ZantalinoinstrumentalOrchestra2:37
11Flores Estrellas Y Luna (Cha Cha 24)Carlos CamposinstrumentalOrchestra2:57
12Port Au Pleasure (Cha Cha 28)Tito PuenteinstrumentalOrchestra1:35
13Mirando A Las Muchachas (Music To Watch Girls By) (Cha Cha 30)Carlos CamposinstrumentalOrchestra3:06
14Cocktails For Two (Cha Cha 30)MachitoinstrumentalOrchestra2:29
15El Beso (Cha Cha 30)Xavier CugatinstrumentalOrchestra2:35
16Always True To You In My Fashion (from ‘Kiss Me, Kate’) (Cha Cha 30)Della ReeseenglishSoundtrack2:45
17Summertime (from ‘Porgy & Bess’) (Cha Cha 30)Edmundo Ros & His OrchestrainstrumentalSoundtrack2:28
18Guajira (Cha Cha 30)Pete TerracespanishOrchestra3:10
19Light My Fire (Cha Cha 30)Edmundo Ros & His OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:03
20(Theme From) ‘The Magnificent Seven’ (Cha Cha 30)Tito RodriguezinstrumentalSoundtrack2:11
21Be True To Me (Sabor A Mi) (Rumba 22)Doris DayenglishEvergreen2:48
22Lo Mismo Que Usted (Rumba 22)Cindy RodriguezspanishEvergreen2:47
23Nebuloso (Misty) (Rumba 22)Violeta RivasspanishEvergreen2:05
24Lamento Latino (Rumba 23)Rene BlochinstrumentalEvergreen2:32
25Noche De Amor (Rumba 23)Les ChakachasspanishEvergreen2:07
26Non Dimenticar (Rumba 23)Peggy LeeenglishEvergreen2:09
27Comme Au Premier Jour (Rumba 24)DalidafrenchEvergreen2:39
28En Mi Soledad (Rumba 24)José FelicianospanishEvergreen2:15
29Michelle (Rumba 24)Nancy AmesspanishEvergreen2:09
30Verdad Amarga (Rumba 24)Maria Martha Serra LimaspanishEvergreen2:45
31Spanish Gipsy Dance (‘Espana Cani’ Phrasing, 3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 59)Bryan Smith & His OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:08
32Nobody Taught Me (Jive 33)Eartha KittenglishEvergreen2:17
33Boom De De Boom (Jive 35)Janet BakerenglishEvergreen2:31
34Hey Girls, Hey Boys (Jive 39)Jeannette BakerenglishEvergreen2:41
35Big Love (Jive 41)Donna DameronenglishEvergreen2:00
36Little Lovin’ (Jive 42)Mimi RomanenglishEvergreen1:56
37Shake ‘Em Up Baby (Jive 42)Roy BrownenglishEvergreen2:35
38‘Til The Well Runs Dry (Jive 42)Wynona CarrenglishEvergreen2:05
39The Chicken And The Hawk (Jive 43)Big Joe TurnerenglishEvergreen2:41
40When Boy Kiss Girl (It’s Love) (Jive 43)Ella Mae MorseenglishEvergreen2:03


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