Beginning Strength & Stretching

Rhythm/Style: Ballroom
Dancer (Instructor): Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova
Level of Dance: Beginning
Format: DVD / All Regions

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Stretch your way to flexibility and relaxation with Bob Powers, Julia
Gorchakova, and Elizabeth Roper. Everyone – from the absolute
beginner to the most accomplished dancer can benefit from stretching
on a regular basis. Stretching can prevent injuries, improve posture and
circulation, and help you become more limber and relaxed.
We have been working with Elizabeth Roper for a number of years.
In that time we have increased our flexibility and strength tremendously
in our feet, legs, hips and abdomen as well as improved our
coordination and balance and improved our overall appearance.
The specific exercises she gave us after watching us in a Ballroom
competition have been such a benefit to our dancing that we only wish
we had started with this type of program in the early stages of our
careers. –Bob & Julia
Elizabeth J. Roper is an international classical ballet instructor and
choreographer. She is the daughter of June Roper, the world famous
dancer/teacher known as the “Star Maker”. Ms. Roper teaches the
Vaganova (classical Russian ballet style), Cecchetti, French, and
neo-classic ballet styles. She has been teaching in Scottsdale, AZ
since 1994.


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