Arms In Focus


Featuring Richard Porter & Els Gevaert. The video concentrates on learning the shape and rhythm of hands and arms in today’s Latin basic movements in 15 dance able competitive groups you can adopt for your own dancing.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Dancer (Instructor):  Richard Porter & Els Gevaert
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 65 min



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Group 1: Side by side: Hip rolls – Challenge basic action – Continuous rhythm split cuban break – Twist – Backward lock step – Ball change – Volta spot turn – Pat-a-cake action – Checked turn – Lady: turn to checks and back flick – End in open position
Group 2: 1-5 Basic movement – Type of Cuban break – Ronde to type of basic movement to R side position – Hip rock to Fan position – 1-3 Alemana – Lady three step turn – Checked turn – Quick hip twist – Under arm turn
Group 3: Split cuban break – New York with spin – Swivel – Hip twist action to Fan position – Three step turn to shadow holds – Type of three cha cha chas


Group 1: Side-by-side – Man Bota fogo, Lady sit line – Chasses – Volta – 3 step turn – Cruzados – Ball change – Kick – Backward walk action – Bota fogo – Corta Jaca action – Lunge line – Hip circle – Reverse roll
Group 2: Reverse roll to shadow – Forward run with knee lift – Backward run with knee lift – Zig zag – Bota fogo – Type of curling maypole
Group 3: Man whisk action, Lock step, Lady continuous spin – Promenade runs – Man samba walk, Lady three step turn – Lunge line to check – Roll into body
Group 4: Bota fogo (shadow) rock – 1-3 Reverse turn – Backward rocks – Pivot ending – Promenade run – Man three step turn and Bota fogo, Lady two Bota fogos


Group 1: Hip roll – Cuban rock, Lady walks – Basic with spin ending, Lady check turn – Walks, LAdy hip circles – Shadow walks – Ronde ending
Group 2: 1-3 Basic movement – Syncopated cuban rock to curl action – Man lunge, Lady walks to checked turn – Lady developpe – 1-3 Spiral – Quick reverse top – Opening out from reverse top
Group 3: Slow curl from Fan position – Telespins to support line – Sit position with hip circles – 4-6 of Hockey stick to facing position


Group 1: Shadow press line – Three step turn – Double appel to type of Chasse cape variation to end in L side shadow hold – Same foot LF variation – Shadow chasse cape variation – Caping walks to facing position – Leg hook to chasse
Group 2: 1-8 Twist – Man spin, Lady three step turn – Checked turn – Man chasse, Lady turning sur place


Group 1: Side by side – Zig zag – Kicks – Zig zag skip chasse points – chasse – Shoulder rolls – Splits to facing position
Group 2: Overturned change of palces L to R – Type of simple spin – Fallaway Throwaway overturned – Repeat – Type of chicken walks – Hip rocks – Chasses
Group 3: Miami special – Type of simle spin – Link – Toll gate – Chasse to Fallaway – Single rhythm – Change of places R to L – Type of toe heel swivels

Plus Richard and Els fabulous show.

Presented by Geoffrey Hearn.


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