American Smooth – Silver Foxtrot Variations

Learning a pattern or a step is just the beginning. To be a good dancer you must learn sound basic techniques. Dance Vision dance technique DVD will teach you proper foot work, dance positions, connections between partners, body shaping, hip actions, arm styling and many other elements that make you feel and look better when dancing the steps.
Rhythm/Style: Foxtrot
Dancer (Instructor): Jim & Jenell Maranto
Level of Dance: Silver (Advanced I)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 85 min.


Jim & Jenell will take steps from other Smooth dances and show you how to add them into your American Style Foxtrot.

1. Open Right Turn with Underarm Turn (Waltz)
2. Twinkle Connection (Waltz)
3. Check to Open Fallaway (Waltz)
4. Progressive Twinkles (Waltz)
5. Syncopated Viennese Cross Turn (Waltz)
Demonstration – Figures 1-5

6. Flip Flops (Waltz)
7. Oversway & Rondé(Tango)
8. Swivel Fans (Tango)
9. Reverse Underarm Turn (V. Waltz)
10. Flairs (V. Waltz)
Demonstration – Figures 6-10


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