American Rhythm – Silver East Coast Swing

Rhythm/Style: American Style Rhythm
Dancer (Instructor): Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak
Level of Dance: Silver (Advanced I)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 130 min.


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(1) Wrist Spin
(2) Face Loop and Pivot
(3) Alternating Hammerlock
(4) Man’s Wrap and Swivels

Demonstration of Figures 1-4

(5) Pivots
(6) Side to Side and Running Step
(7) Boogie Walks

Demonstration of Figures 5-7

(8) Syncopated In and Out
(9) Side by Side Turns
(10) Cradle and Kicks

Demonstration of Figures 8-10

Dance Demonstration

CD233 Let’s Swing Vol. II
Track 2 “She’s Sixty”


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