Ballroom Nights 4 (2CD)

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Dancehouse

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 Ballroom Nights 4(2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
01A Wonderful GuestSlow Waltz283:39Diana Ross 
02Stay In My LifeSlow Waltz293:22Heather Barry 
03MariaSlow Waltz296:07Orchestra Bagutti 
04Cry For FreedomSlow Waltz283:42Isgaard 
05The Saddest SongSlow Waltz293:37Jaime Lovett 
06GarboSlow Waltz293:01Pamela Watson 
07Who Will you Be?Slow Waltz282:51Nostradamus 
08Sweet AdorationSlow Waltz282:13Debby Boone 
09Ship In A BottleSlow Waltz293:19Peggy Watson 
10My Brother Lived In San FranciscoSlow Waltz282:12Meg MacKay 
11La FelicidadTango323:41D and G 
12Noche De ReyesTango322:28Cantovano & His Orchestra 
13En OrsaiTango323:49Demarco Electronic Project 
14ImpressionanteTango324:36Ringo Story 
15Sur Los SuenosTango322:43Zoe Tiganouria 
16Passion Of The DanceTango322:38David Lowe‘s Dreamcatcher feat. Mieko Shimizu 
17M’Hai Detto Una BugiaTango323:28Andrea Scala 
18Para La vidaTango323:03Cantovano & His Orchestra 
19Petite BonheurViennese Waltz582:57Loane 
20La Valser Di MezzanotteViennese Waltz592:54Childsplay 
21ClaudineViennese Waltz593:10Rene Colombier 
 Ballroom Nights 4(2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
22Love Is The Sweetest ThingSlow fox282:40Peter Skellern 
23All Of YouSlow fox283:23Tim Draxl 
24Spiderman ThemeSlow fox282:04Richard Cheese 
25Dolce VitaSlow fox283:09Berk & Ÿe Virtual Band 
26I Don’t Know Enough About UsSlow fox283:08Chantal Chamberland 
27Tarzan BoySlow fox283:31Berk & Ÿe Virtual Band 
28My BombombombSlow fox294:19Mo‘ Horizons 
29Tuca TucaSlow fox292:50Pink Martini 
30Solitude CitySlow fox293:37Les Forbans 
31Love IS A Simple ThingSlow fox292:32Christine Reisner 
32STrange LoveSlow fox293:16Koop 
33Box Of SecretsQuick Step503:28Zarif 
34That ManQuick Step503:53Alec Medina 
35Put A Lid On ItQuick Step502:18Red Hot Boogie Bumpers 
Crazy in loveQuick Step502:34Swing Kings 
37You Want A PIece Of MeQuick Step502:35John Painter feat. Shannon Lea Smith 
38Feels GoodQuick Step502:55Matt Dusk 
39Bleeding LoveQuick Step503:43Benaski 
40When i’m With YouQuick Step502:40Carita Boronska 
41Puttin’ On The RitzQuick Step503:37Miss Kookie 


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