Watazu – Baila D Ritmo 1

Baila D’ Ritmo officially released October of 2013 under Geisha Studios in collaborations with Milos Adzic and Watazu Listen and download the tracks below, you can even download the whole album here..

  • Producer: Geisha Studio Productions
  • Runtime: 86 minutes, 31 songs
  • Release Date: 


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Track Listing:

  1. All My People (ChaCha)2:45
  2. Baila Pa Mi (ChaCha)2:26
  3. Dirty Dancer (ChaCha)3:00
  4. Kuedon (ChaCha)2:02
  5. Quantaramera (ChaCha)2:31
  6. Rapture (ChaCha)2:21
  7. Tchu Tchu Balada (ChaCha)2:09
  8. The Way It Used To Be (ChaCha)3:18
  9. Besame Mucho (Rumba)2:53
  10. Call Me (Rumba)2:12
  11. Es Hora De Desir Adios (Rumba)2:58
  12. Gravity (Rumba)3:31
  13. Ikaw (Rumba)3:20
  14. Need You Now (Rumba)2:34
  15. Need You Now (Rumba) [complete]4:01
  16. Trumpet Lights (Rumba)2:10
  17. We All Need Saving (Rumba)3:06
  18. Bamboleo (Samba)2:15
  19. Body Talk (Samba)2:37
  20. El Musado (Samba)3:14
  21. Hooza Hoo (Samba)2:32
  22. I’m Yours (Samba)3:26
  23. Jump (Samba)3:50
  24. Kuts’k Bonte – Live It Up (Samba)2:27
  25. Kuts’k Bote (Samba)2:27
  26. Mamacita Buena (Samba)3:25
  27. Right Now (Samba)2:17
  28. Spread A Little Love (Samba)2:59
  29. Trumbeta (Samba)2:12
  30. Trumbeta D Watazu (Practice Samba)2:16
  31. Hooza Hoo (Samba)2:32


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