The Music Of German Open 2014

The Big Band sound of Boris Myadkov became an instant inspiration to dancers from around the world at the German Open since 2014. Now, you can enjoy this year’s release that includes a wonderful selection of standard and Latin tracks that is sure to delight all dancers.

ALBUM LABEL: Boris Myagkov
ALBUM INTERPRET: Boris Myagkov Big Band
ALBUM TANZ: 10 Dance


Product ID: 18544 Category:
1If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Slow Waltz 29)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra3:10
2Earth Song (Slow Waltz 30)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra4:18
3Just A Gigolo, I Ain’t Got Nobody (Tango 33)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra3:04
4Welcome To Burlesque (from ‘Burlesque’) (Tango 32)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishSoundtrack2:36
5Les Bicyclettes De Belsize (from ‘Les Bicyclettes De Belsize’) (Viennese Waltz 59)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishSoundtrack1:56
6Theme From ‘Beregis Avtomobilja’ (Viennese Waltz 60)Boris Myagkov Big BandinstrumentalSoundtrack2:42
7Abracadabra (Slowfox 29)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra3:33
8All The Things You Are (from ‘Very Warm For May’) (Slowfox 29)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishSoundtrack3:07
9Theme From ‘Spider Man’ (Quickstep 50)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishSoundtrack2:31
10It’s A Good Day (Quickstep 50)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra1:37
11Mujer Latina (Samba 50)Boris Myagkov Big BandspanishOrchestra2:57
12Na Beira Do Mar (Samba 50)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra3:05
13Ooh La La (Samba 50)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra3:05
14Bara Bará Bere Beré (Cha Cha 30)Boris Myagkov Big BandportugueseOrchestra2:51
15Corazón De Melón (Cha Cha 32)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra1:42
16Just Say I Love Her (Rumba 24)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra2:51
17One In A Million (Rumba 24)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra4:10
18Y Viva Espana (‘Espana Cani’ related, 3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)Boris Myagkov Big BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:05
19Boom! Shake The Room (Jive 42)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra2:28
20Five Months, Two Weeks (Jive 43)Boris Myagkov Big BandenglishOrchestra2:31


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