Salsa Gold Syllabus


The new Salsa syllabus is in our opinion a VERY VERY GOOD Salsa tutorial teaching you both the steps and the technique.

This new Salsa syllabus uses “on 1” salsa style throughout the whole course (Man starts Left foot forward On 1 for forward break), which has established itself as the most popular salsa style nowadays. Therefore we strongly recommend learning salsa this way.

Another great feature of salsa syllabus is that the technical explanations of every figure are extremely detailed and precise. Felipe and Carolina show and explain every aspect of every step not omitting the slightest detail! And when they put everything together to make a show – it is a joy to watch! We give it 10 out of 10.

Rhythm/Style: Salsa
Level of Dance: Gold
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 144 min.

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  • Intro to Dance Position
  • Intro to Timing
  • Intro to Cuban Motion
  • Copa with Man’s Hammerlock
  • Copa Back to Back
  • Copa with Belly Wrap
  • The Wrap with Zig Zag
  • Copa to Double Hammerlock
  • Triple Turn
  • Demonstration of the above Figures
  • The Quad Turn
  • Back Spot Turn with Back Roll
  • A) Cross Body Lead with Reverse to Ladies Hammerlock
  • B) Cross Body Lead to Ladies Triple Turn Hammerlock
  • Hand Flick
  • Demonstration of the above Figures
  • Freestyle Dance Demo


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