Rhythm and Shape


A selection of basic figures developed to shoe how changing shape and rhythm can enhance the overall movement in the Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. Plus 12 danceable competitive groups.

View and Learn from the experts how to improve your Rhythm and Shape as well as constructing your own choreography from the ideas given in each dance.

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Marcus & Karen Hilton
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Group 1: 1-3 Natural turn – Natural pivots – Double natural spin – Overspin – Natural twist turn to standing spin to R – Open impetus – Weave from PP – Open natural turn to same foot lunge – Reverse pivot – Chasse to R – Outside change to PP

Group 2: Open natural turn – Quick outside spin to natural pivots – Natural check – Reverse pivot – Contra check – Rolling lunge – Pivot to swivels – Open impetus

Group 3: Closed Telemark – Running feather to natural pivots – Syncopated natural pivot to Eros line – Side cross to travelling contra-check – Zig zag action to teleswivel – Promenade pivot to Eros line on L side – Swivel to standing spin to L – High check to hover to PP


Group 1: Two walks – 4 step into L side walks – Cuban break action to same foot lunge – Lady leg hook – Same foot lunge action – Turning five step

Group 2: Walk in PP to Kick Ball Change – Quick Wing – Forward swivel on L side to close – Outside spin – Reverse pivot – Fallaway reverse turn – Slip pivot – Two walks to extended line – Replace to PP – Quarter beats

Group 3: Back checks from Promenade position to Back swivel – Zig zag to whisk – Slow sway change – Stalking walks – Quick swivel to Telespin – Throwaway oversway – Eros shape – Circular walks – Slow pivot – Whisk to Promenade position


Group 1: Feather – Extended L side reverse turn – Feather finish – Tumble turn – Checked feather finish – Extended basic weave – 1-2 Change of direction – Outside swivel – Quick wing – L side run – Feather finish – Fallaway reverse to developpe – Hover to PP

Group 2: Feather – Open Telemark – Zig zag – Back swivel action – Outside swivel – Teleswivel to Promenade pivot – Throwaway oversway to Right lunge – Telespin action to weave ending – Quick curved feather – Open impetus

Group 3: Feather – Fallaway reverse turn – Closed telemark – Crossed feather – Hover – Two reverse pivots – Right lunge – Extended weave action – Three step – Continuous hover cross


Group 1: 1-3 Natural turn – Natural pivot to heel pull – Rumba cross – Natural pivots – Turning lock to R – Zig zag – Waltz weave – Open to natural turn – Outside change to promenade – Run to Pepperpot

Group 2: 1-3 Natural turn – Natural pivots to Natural check – Reverse pivot – Quick open reverse – Double reverse spin – Contra check – Rolling lunge – Travelling woodpecker action – L side run to promenade position

Group 3: Fishtail from PP – Natural spin to same foot lunge – Head actions – Developpe – Outside spin – Ronde – Twist turn to standing spin to R – Steps 1-3 of a weave from PP – Backward run to outside change to PP – Pepperpot

Plus for your enjoyment Marcus and Karen own fabulous competitive dancing.

Presented by Geoffrey Hearn. Running time approx 70 min.


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