Premium Standard – Ballroom Christmas

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Probably the best pure standard Christmas album of all time…
Probably the best pure…


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1As Long As There’s Christmas (from Disney’s ‘Beauty And The Beast – The Enchanted Christmas’) (Slow Waltz 29)Arl & MasonenglishChristmas Music2:50
2Let There Be Peace On Earth (Slow Waltz 29)BrodieenglishChristmas Music2:24
3River (Slow Waltz 28)AdaleeenglishChristmas Music3:27
4Mary Did You Know (Slow Waltz 28)AdaleeenglishChristmas Music2:45
5Christmas Makes Me Cry (Slow Waltz 29)CarlaenglishChristmas Music3:09
6Baby, It’s Christmas (Slow Waltz 28)CamilaenglishChristmas Music2:39
7I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Slow Waltz 28)EloiseenglishChristmas Music2:42
8Santa Tell Me (Tango 32)IslaenglishChristmas Music2:34
9Officially Christmas (Tango 32)HarrisonenglishChristmas Music2:57
10Stretchy Pants (Tango 32)CypressenglishChristmas Music2:57
11White Winter Hymnal (Tango 32)AllepacaenglishChristmas Music2:42
12Once Upon A December (from Disney’s ‘Anastasia’) (Remix) (Viennese Waltz 59)Paola FabrisenglishChristmas Music1:47
13Carol Of The Bells (Viennese Waltz 59)HydrahenglishChristmas Music2:25
14Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Viennese Waltz 59)Brantley MylesenglishChristmas Music3:03
15Let It Be Christmas (Viennese Waltz 59)HunterenglishChristmas Music3:04
16Candy Cane Christmas (Slowfox 28)Brantley MylesenglishChristmas Music2:27
17Santa Baby (Slowfox 28)AuroraenglishChristmas Music2:17
18Last Christmas (Slowfox 28)DeanenglishChristmas Music2:52
19It’s Gonna Be A Cold, Cold Christmas (Slowfox 29)ValentinaenglishChristmas Music3:02
20Christmas Is Just Around the Corner (Slowfox 29)Brantley MylesenglishChristmas Music2:37
21All I Want for Christmas (Quickstep 50)CadenceenglishChristmas Music2:37
22Bring Me Love (Quickstep 50)Brantley MylesenglishChristmas Music3:17
23God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Quickstep 50)CadenceenglishChristmas Music2:19
24Hang Your Lights (Quickstep 50)ChesterenglishChristmas Music3:30
25Mr. Santa (Quickstep 50)MaeveenglishChristmas Music2:45


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