NDMI – Ballroom Enchanting (2CD)


From Olivato Dancesport, “Ballroom Enchanting”, 50 brand new orchestral songs for training, dance halls and competitions.
It is a New Dance Music International product
Thanks to the dancers: Glenn Richard Boyce & Caroly James

ALBUM ARTIST: Olivato Dancesport Orchestra


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1Loving My… (Slow Waltz 28)Luigi Olivato & Davide Del NevoenglishPop3:26
2Almeno Tu Nell’Universo (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop3:25
3Abrazame (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishPop3:18
4In These Arms (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoenglishPop3:04
5Atmosphere (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalPop3:07
6The Godfather Waltz (from ‘The Godfather’) (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalSoundtrack3:25
7Ametista (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:04
8Con Tutto L’Amore Che Posso (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop2:59
9Lose Me (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:55
10Only You (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoenglishPop2:44
11Eternal Love (Slow Waltz 29)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:14
12Your Destiny (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoenglishPop2:19
13Forever And One Day (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:39
14O Forse Sei Tu (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop5:14
15Conquest Of Paradise (from ‘1492’) (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:21
16Amargura (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:45
17Baby Baby (Tango 32)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishOrchestra2:59
18Inopportuno (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:11
19Viento De Fuego (Tango 32)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:42
20Tango Di Ferro (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:45
21Daniel (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:41
22Vacanze Romane (Tango 32)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop3:32
23Enfadado (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:47
24Valerio (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:48
25Animals 2022 (Tango 32)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalPop2:31
26Günaydin (from ‘Erkenci Kus’ – ‘Daydreamer’) (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraturkishSoundtrack2:25
27Le Vent, Le Cri (PakiDJ Remix) (from ‘Le Professionnel’) (Viennese Waltz 59)PakiDJinstrumentalSoundtrack3:10
28The Debutantes (Viennese Waltz 58)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:15
29Simply A Waltz (Viennese Waltz 58)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:53
30Seduces Me (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishPop3:48
31Solitario (Viennese Waltz 58)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:54
32Yumeji’s Theme (from ‘In The Mood For Love’) (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalSoundtrack3:32
33Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera (from ‘Profumo Di Donna’) (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianSoundtrack3:37
34Quarantene (Viennese Waltz 58)Massimiliano DistefanoinstrumentalMusette3:07
35Yes Man (Slowfox 28)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:33
36Daleko (Slowfox 28)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:32
37Friday Night (Slowfox 28)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:43
38Enchanting (Slowfox 28)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:48
39I Love California (Slowfox 28)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing3:39
40Psychedelic Love (Slowfox 28)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:31
41My Heart Is Soul (Slowfox 28)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:44
42Broadway Melody (Slowfox 28)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:57
43Crazy Crazy Crazy (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:38
44Bella Ciao! (Quickstep 50)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianSwing2:38
45Happy Jump (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:43
46The Wave (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:39
47E Jamm Bell Ja (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoitalianSwing3:30
48Fuga Da New York (Quickstep 50)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalSwing2:57
49Crazy Swing (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalSwing3:29
50I Screwed You (Quickstep 50)Luigi OlivatoinstrumentalSwing3:00


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