Art In Motion Quickstep


The video make in our opinion the best teaching dance videos of the year. Luca and Loraine reveal in it many secrets of their beautiful dancing – Art in Motion.

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Luca & Loraine Baricchi
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions

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They include

  • The difference between posture and poise
  • Using stretch and contraction, using front vs. back muscles
  • Produce a beautiful lady’s line without bending backward
  • Moving from foot to foot while retaining full control
  • Usage of sending leg vs. receiving leg
  • Weight anchoring technique
  • Dancing into 4 types of spaces around you
  • 5 different ways of turning your body

Luca and Loraine clarify many concepts very often misunderstood by couples on the competitive circuit and they really do make them easy!

Although Luca and Loraine explain very advanced concepts, they use relatively simple, popular steps therefore this video can be recommended to very experienced dancers as well as medium experienced ones (however not beginners).

The section about body stance, posture and poise is repeated on all videos, however not exactly in the same words. Therefore every video can be used separately, but if you study all four of them you will not get bored either!


  • StancePosture – Poise
    Using change of poise by a man to lead
  • Usage of Upper Body and Lower BodyNatural figures:

    1. Natural turn – Running right turn – Running finish
    2. Natural turn – Spin turn – Running right turn – Running finish
    3. Promenade Position – Running right turn – Open natural turn – Outside change – Open natural turn – Chasse – Running finish – Natural turn – Pivot – Side step – 4 quick actions

    Reverse figures:

    1. Chasse to centre – Quick Open Reverse – Chasse – Cross chasse – Natural turn – Open impetus
    2. Chasse to centre – Two Quick open Reverses in Fast timing – Quick open Reverse in Slow timing – Chasse – Cross chasse
    3. Telemark – Wing – Telemark – Travelling wing
    4. Chasse to centre – Lockstep – Telemark – Wing – Telemark – Travelling wing

  • Space and Harmony

Running time 80 min.


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