Argentine Tango Platinum Syllabus

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Newly updated Argentine Tango Syllabus featuring Christy Cote & George Garcia. This DVD contains the newest Argentine Tango figures and techniques.

The platinum level dancers cannot miss this dance DVD that contains the most up to date Tango routines. The instructors Christy Cote & George Garcia will introduce you the sassy skills of Argentine Tango Syllabus.

Rhythm/Style: Tango
Level of Dance: Professional
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 124 min.

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Introduction to Music
46. Revolving Forward Ochos to Sacada Exchange
47. Alteration & Forward to Reverse Volcada
48. Leader’s Gancho & Revolving Back Ochos
49. Enrosque/Lapiz / Back Sacada & Cunita
50. Follower’s Back Sacada to Molinete Right & Alteration
51. Media Vuelta, Molinete & Corrida Combination
52. Alterations with Overturned Forward Ochos with Sacadas
53. Gancho / Sacada, Sacada Exchange & Corridato Back Volcada
54. Molinete Left with Patada to Parada and Leader’s Enganche
55. Volcada & Enganche Combination for Vals
56. Molinetes & Milonguero Dips Vals
57. Moliente Left with Triple Sacadas & Colgada
58. Short Trajectory Boleo, Colgadas & Barrida
59. Re-Volcada & Induced Barrida
60. Colgadas & Back Volcada


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