NDMI – Ballroom Resilience (2CD)

The new double album by the Olivato Dancesport Orchestra includes contributions from DJ Ice, solo violinist Max Di Stefano and pianist Roberto Muscolino. This CD set provides good value with 48 new exciting ballroom melodies for your dancing pleasure.

Rhythm/Style: Ballroom
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Casaphon

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1Cool Waltz (inst.) – Luigi OlivatoWaltz29
2Rosaspina (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
3Sogno D’Amore (inst.) – Olivato Orch. & Roberto MuscolinoWaltz29
4Winter Rain (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
5My Mountains (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
6Only (inst.) – Olivato Orch. & Roberto MuscolinoWaltz29
7One More Light – DJ IceWaltz29
8Canto D’Amore – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
9Goodbye Mr. A (inst.) – Luigi OlivatoWaltz29
10Father – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
11Towards The Sky (inst.) – Olivato Orch. & Roberto MuscolinoWaltz29
12I Love You – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
13Monica (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Waltz29
14Facade (from ‘Jekyll And Hyde’) (inst.) – DJ IceTango32
15The Battle (from ‘Gladiator’) (inst.) – M. Di Renzo & N. PaladinoTango32
16James Bond’ Theme (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Tango32
17La Pasion (inst.) – Luigi OlivatoTango32
18Il Futuro Che Sara (inst.) – DJ IceTango32
19Resilience (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Tango32
20La Tzigana (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Tango32
21Libertango (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Tango32
22Battle Theme (from ‘Final Fantasy’) – DJ IceTango32
23Te Quiero Mucho (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Tango32
24Tango Poderoso (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Tango32
25Dabididù – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
26Kiss My Lips – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
27In Your Eyes – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
28City Of Stars (from ‘La La Land’) (inst.) – DJ IceSlowfox28
29Right You – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
30Live In Love – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
31A Great Night (inst.) – Olivato Orch. & Luigo OlivatoSlowfox28
32I Can Feel You With Me – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
33Madeline (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Slowfox28
34A Touch Of Class (inst.) – Olivato Orch. & Luigo OlivatoSlowfox28
35Corde Di Violino (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Viennese Waltz58
36Dance Amore (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Viennese Waltz58
37Let It Go (from ‘Frozen’) (inst.) – DJ IceViennese Waltz58
38Lento – Olivato Orch.Viennese Waltz58
39Game of Thrones Theme (inst.) – Maxim Di StefanoViennese Waltz58
40Poesia Viennese (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Viennese Waltz58
41Arrivederci, Addio (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Viennese Waltz58
42Pabitel (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Viennese Waltz58
43Good Vibes – Olivato Orch.Quickstep50
44My Quickstep (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Quickstep50
45Dancing – Olivato Orch.Quickstep50
46Move It Baby – Olivato Orch.Quickstep50
47Ascoltami – Olivato Orch.Quickstep50
48You’re The One That I Want (from ‘Grease’) – Olivato Orch.Quickstep50


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