Dancing Basics with Passion – Cha Cha

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Slavik & Karina began competing together in 2001, and amazingly rose to the finals of the Open World British Championships on their first attempt. Prior to their partnership, Slavik was the World & European Amateur Latin Chapion, and Karina was the British Naional Champion and World finslist. They have appeared in movies and television commercials and are currently runners up in the World Latin and British Open Latin. Corky Ballas brings to you with Slavik & Karina “Dancing Basics with Passion”. Bronze thru Gold.

Rhythm/Style: Cha Cha
Dancer (Instructor): Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 103 min.


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International Style Latin Figures – Cha Cha

History of Cha Cha Cha
Bronze Level – Cha Cha Warm Up
Four Types of Hip Actions
1. Guapacha Timing
2. Chassés
3. Closed Basic
4. New York
5. Spot Turns
6. Switch Turns
7. Underarm Turn
8. Underarm Turn Lady dancing Switch Turn
9. Shoulder To Shoulder
10. Hand to Hand
11. Three Cha Cha Chas
12. Side Steps
13. There and Back
14. Time Step
Bronze Cha Cha Routine

Silver Level – Cha Cha Warm Up
15. The Fan
16. Alemana
17. Hockey Stick
18. Natural Top
19. Natural Opening Out
20. Closed Hip Twist
21. Open Hip Twist
22. Reverse Top
23. Opening Out from Reverse Top
24. Aida
25. Spiral
26. The Curl
27. Rope Spin
28. Cross Basic
29. Cuban Break and Split Cuban Break
Silver Cha Cha Routine

Gold Level – Cha Cha Warm Up
Methods of Changing Feet

30. The Chase
31. Advanced Hip Twist
32. Hip Twist Spiral
33. Turkish Towel
34. Sweet Heart
35. Follow My Leader
Gold Cha Cha Routine