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Ballroom Flair is the 20th edition of the legendary “Premium Standard” series, which revolutionized standard dance music in 1999 and has since become the most popular standard series. It follows the recipe for success with high-quality new recordings from movie, musical, TV and gaming. Indulge in the 25 euphoric songs covering 5 major ballroom dance styles Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slowfox and Quickstep now!

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Casaphon

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1Who’ll Come With Me (‘David Balfour’s Song’) (from ‘Kidnapped’) (Slow Waltz 29)Hollywood Movie Strings & SingersenglishSoundtrack2:30
2You Call It Love (from ‘L’Etudiante’) (Slow Waltz 29)AdneyenglishSoundtrack3:36
3Theme From ‘A Cure For Wellness’ (Slow Waltz 29)LugoinstrumentalSoundtrack3:25
4Goodbye (Slow Waltz 28)Edgar TroyenglishPop2:26
5World In Union (from ‘The Planets’) (Slow Waltz 28)WaiolaenglishClassic Music2:42
6Kakariko Village (from ‘The Legend Of Zelda’) (Slow Waltz 29)Frank BrempelinstrumentalSoundtrack2:36
7Amarantine (Slow Waltz 28)AidanaenglishPop2:20
8Tango Cha (Tango 32)Sergio BeleminstrumentalElectro2:37
9Skyfall Tango (from James Bond ‘Skyfall’) (Tango 32)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack2:37
10Il Mio Refugio (from ‘Tandem’) (Tango 32)BandonerospanishSoundtrack3:24
11Argentango (Tango 32)Osi TejerinainstrumentalElectro2:15
12Fly To Your Heart (from Disney’s ‘Tinker Bell’) (Viennese Waltz 58)BeritenglishSoundtrack2:48
13Valse Di Fantastica (from ‘Final Fantasy XV’) (Viennese Waltz 59)Hollywood Movie StringsinstrumentalSoundtrack3:12
14My Resistance Is Low (from ‘The Las Vegas Story’) (Viennese Waltz 59)RadcliffenglishSoundtrack2:42
15Loyal, Brave, True (from Disney’s ‘Mulan’) (Viennese Waltz 58)CharlotteenglishSoundtrack2:14
16Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You (Slowfox 29)Victor VegasenglishSwing2:29
17Call Me (Slowfox 29)XandraenglishSwing3:40
18J’Aime Les Filles (Slowfox 29)KaarlefrenchSwing3:07
19Java Jive (Slowfox 28)JazzpoolenglishSwing2:32
20J’Avais Besoin D’Etre Là (Slowfox 28)WaldenfrenchSwing2:59
21Wannabe (Quickstep 50)The Swing-In SistersenglishSwing2:49
22Sono Solo Canzonette (Quickstep 50)AdalbertoitalianPop4:56
23La Chanson De L’Autruche (from ‘Émilie Jolie’) (Quickstep 50)FrancifrenchSoundtrack2:13
24Theme From ‘Even Stevens’ (Quickstep 50)Quentin Gower Big BandinstrumentalSoundtrack2:18
25Dig A Little Deeper (from Disney’s ‘The Princess And The Frog’) (Quickstep 50)CadenceenglishSoundtrack2:45


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