Dancelife Presents: Latin Rumba, Vol. 1


ALBUM LABEL: Dancelife

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1I Still Haven’t Found (Todavia No He Encontrado Lo Que Busco) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraportuguesePop2:47
2Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan (Rumba 22)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop4:20
3Como Abeja Al Panal (short version) (Rumba 26)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop2:14
4No Me Ames (short version) (Rumba 23)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop2:23
5Tu Vous Tus Ojos (short version) (Rumba 24)Harry ScorzospanishWorld Music2:27
6Primer Amor (Endless Love) (short version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop2:20
7Oyeme (competition version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop1:48
8Abrazame (short version) (Rumba 26)Dancelife Studio OrchestraspanishLatin Pop2:20
9After Dark (from ‘From Dusk Till Down’) (DJ Sylz Mix) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:31
10Empty Soul Elusivo (Rumba 24)DJ Sylz & Brent Thomas MillsenglishPop2:40
11Fotografia (DJ KUSToff Mix) (Rumba 24)Silvia TellesportugueseNu Jazz/Electro Swing4:20
12Numb (Rumba 25)Brent Thomas MillsenglishPop3:01
13Hero (short version) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:25
14Forever (Rumba 23)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:46
15If You’re Gonna Leave (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:04
16Blessed (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:50
17Grandma’s Hands (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio Orchestra feat. DJ SylzenglishSoul/Gospel1:50
18Johnny Guitar (DJ Sylz Mix) (Rumba 24)Mr. GuitarinstrumentalNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:10
19La Mentira (Se Te Olvida) (DJ Manu Remix) (Rumba 24)Los PanchosspanishWorld Music2:35
20Flor De Azalea (DJ Manu Remix) (Rumba 24)Los PanchosspanishWorld Music3:06
21Lonely (edit) (explicit) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:05
22Out Of Reach (from ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’) (DSDJ Melnikov Mix) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishSoundtrack3:10
23Mad Issues (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:17
24Caruso (short version) (Rumba 25)BodaneitalianPop2:28
25Afterglow (Percussion Version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:20
26Tears In Heaven (DJ Manu Mix) (Rumba 23)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:58
27Underneath Your Clothes (short version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop1:54
28Jesus To A Child (DJ Maksy Remix) (short version) (Rumba 25)Ray HamiltonenglishPop2:18
29If You’re Gonna Leave (short version) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:36
30I’m Not The Only One (Rumba 24)DJ MaksyenglishPop3:21
31Myself (TikTok Latin Mix) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:45
32We Belong (Latin Remix) (Rumba 24)DJ SylzenglishPop2:38
33Woman (Brents Fix) (Rumba 24)DJ SylzenglishPop3:13


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