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Rhythm/Style: Latin
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: DJ VIC

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  1. Ch30d00 Calvin Harris & Disciples – How deep is your love (RMX by DJ Vic)
  2. Ch30m07 Timati ft. Rekord orkestr – Baklazhan (RMX by DJ Vic)
  3. Ch30m09 Vorobyov Aleksey – Sumasshedshaya (RMX by DJ Vic)
  4. Ch31d10 Vremya i steklo – Imya 505 (RMX by DJ Vic)
  5. Ch31i00 Xavier Cugat – Music To Watch Girls By (RMX by DJ Vic)
  6. Ch31m00 Egor Krid – Budilnik (RMX by DJ Vic)
  7. Ch31m00 Horon`ko Orkestr – Alia Uliu (RMX by DJ Vic)
  8. Ch31m02 Aleksey Semenov – Hali-gali (RMX by DJ Vic)
  9. Ch31m07 Dany Brillant – Quand Je s’rai Beau (RMX by DJ Vic)
  10. Ch31w00 Apollinariya – Bomba (RMX by DJ Vic)
  11. Ch31w00 Leningrad – Eksponat (RMX by DJ Vic)
  12. Ch31w01 IOWA ft. dj Andy Light & dj o Neill – Byot bit (RMX by DJ Vic)
  13. J43w13 Kylie Minogue – Absolutely anything and anything at all (RMX by DJ Vic)
  14. Rb25m00 Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth – See You Again (RMX by DJ Vic)
  15. Rb25m05 Jack Johnson – Sexy Plexi (RMX by DJ Vic)
  16. Rb25m10 Alekseev – Pyanoe solntse (RMX by DJ Vic)
  17. Rb25w01 Adele – Hello (RMX by DJ Vic)
  18. Rb25w20 Zhanna Friske – Ty` ne zakry`vai` svoyo serdtce (RMX by DJ Vic)
  19. Sb50i00 Kike Santander – Back Home (RMX by DJ Vic)
  20. Sb50m00 Dany Brillant – Mais Que Veux-tu Que je Fasse (RMX by DJ Vic)
  21. Sb50m00 Dean Martin – Mambo Italiano (RMX by DJ Vic)
  22. Sb50m20 Willy William – Ego (RMX by DJ Vic)
  23. Sb50w00 Apollinariya – Skazhi zachem (RMX by DJ Vic)
  24. Sb51i02 Ursula 1000 – Pleasure Unit (RMX by DJ Vic)
  25. Sb51w11 Sistem – Boca Del Inferno (RMX by DJ Vic)


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