Hustle Silver Variations & Techniques

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Learn “Hustle Variations” with Hustle and World Cabaret Champions, Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow! These videos contain challenging patterns, and are intended to take your dancing to the next level. You should have a good understanding of the steps and terminology of bronze level Hustle. Basic patterns and concepts are not covered.

Rhythm/Style: Hustle
Dancer (Instructor): Billy Fajardo & Jami Josephson
Level of Dance: Advanced
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 75 min.

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• Sliding Door, Wrap to Open Break
• Behind the Back Sliding Door, Left Hand Wrap Turn
• Exchange of Sides, Reverse Check to Double Free Spin
• Exchange of Sides to Spanish Turn
• Double Outside Turn, Hip Check, Behind the Back Free Spin
• Exchange of Sides, Overhead Wrap to Wrap, Open Break
• New York Walk, New York Walk, Exchange of Hands, Las Vegas Sliding Door
• Double Outside Turn, Hip Check with Front Break Action, Free Spin
• Wheel, Exchange of Sides with Swivel Action, Angel, Slide Out to Open Break
• Bridge to Behind the Back, Latch Turn, Open Break


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