Natural Dancing Tango


These 4 videos put together by the former World Professional Ballroom Champions make an excellent teaching material for competitive dancers from beginners to medium advanced. Chris and Hazel make your dancing Dynamic, Artistic, Natural, Charismatic and Enjoyable.

Each video contains a lesson about the character of the dance, musicality, two groups: one basic and one advanced, a breakdown of all steps tought, an explanation of common problems and their solutions, and a floorcraft lesson.

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Christopher Hawkins & Hazel Newberry
Level of Dance: All levels
Format: DVD / All Regions


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  • Character of the dance
  • Stance
  • Basic group
    • Walk
    • Progressive link
    • Closed promenade
    • Walk
    • Open reverse turn (lady outside)
    • Progressive link
    • Natural twist turn
    • Rock back on Left foot
    • Closed finish
  • Advanced group
    • Walk
    • Progressive link
    • Twist turn (PP DC)
    • Side Rock
    • Fallaway reverse and slip pivot
    • Double reverse spin
    • Over spin
    • Contra check
    • Step flick
    • Outside swivel
    • Step tap (closing promenade)
    • Spanish drag
    • Closed promenade
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Floorcraft

Running time 50 min.


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