Dance Solutions Quickstep


Timothy and Joanne demonstrate and explain the principles of correct posture and poise, connections between partners, leg actions, feet and ankles actions and understanding of the music.
The section about body posture is repeated on all videos, however not exactly in the same words. Therefore every video can be used separately, but if you study all four of them you will not get bored either!

Posture and poise
5 Connections
Leg Action
Feet and Ankles

Rhythm/Style: Quickstep
Dancer (Instructor): Timothy Howson & Joanne Bolton
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions


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1. Steps 1 to 3 of Natural Turn SQQ
2. Tipsy to the Right SQ+Q
3. Chasse’ Lock Step Q+QQQ
4. Curved Feather SQQ
5. Outside Swivel SS
6. Type of Left Whisk [Man outside partner] QQS
7. Return to Normal Outside Partner Position [Man left shoulder leading] SS
8. Chasse’ Lock Step Q+QQQ
9. Close, and Oversway Points +S+S+
10. Pendulum Swings QQQQ
11. Two Step Hops S+S+
12. Scatter Chasse Q+Q+
13. Step Hop QQ
14. Chasse’,Lock Step Q+QQQ
15. Steps 1 to 3 of Natural Turn SQQ
16. Overturned Spin Turn SQQ
17. Turning Lock to the Right to Promenade Position QQQQ
18. Side-Lock SQQ
19. Bounce Fallaway QQQQ
20. Outside Change to Promenade Position SQQ
21. In and Out Run S+QQ
22. Run in Promenade Position and Step Hop QQQQ
23. Slide in Promenade Position and Close SS
24. Man Flick Forwards Right Foot Q Lady=Tap Left Foot to Right Foot
25. Flick, Tap, Tap QQQ
26. Four Pendulums QQQQ
27. Chair Line S
28. Run in Promenade Position and Step Hop


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