Ross Mitchell – C.F.D.5

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Type: Instrumental
Brand: Ross Mitchell




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Ross Mitchell – CFD 5

01-Still Know) Nothing About You (Quickstep 50) 2:34
02-Every Little Step (Quickstep 48)2:25
03-What the World Needs Now (Waltz 30)2:57
04-Take It To the Limit (Waltz 30)3:33
05-My Guy (Slow Foxtrot 30 )3:00
06-Ruby Dreams (Slow Foxtrot 30 )2:49
07-Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)( Tango33) 2:12
08-I Got You Babe (Viennese Waltz 60)2:21
09-Easy Lover (Cha Cha 30 )3:21
10-Don’t You Worry ’bout A Thing (Cha Cha 30)2:46
11-Love Is Waiting (Samba 50)3:24
12-Feel Like Making Love (Samba 50)2:31
13-Some People (Rumba 27)3:14
14-Where Is the Love (Rumba 27)2:55
15-Do You Wanna Dance (Jive 41)1:56
16-Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven) (Jive 38)2:06


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