FMR Dancesport Music – Latin Extreme

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: FMR Dancesport Music

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01. Dark Matter (Cha cha)
02. Give Me One Reason (Cha cha)
03. Dancin (Cha cha)
04. When The Beat Drops OutDancin (Cha cha)
05. Solta-Se o Beijo (Cha cha)
06. Carousel (Samba)
07. Bombay (Samba)
08. Borro Cassette (Samba)
09. Vaivén (Samba)
10. Lalala (Samba)
11. Tonight (Rumba)
12. Às Vezes (Rumba)
13. Say Something (Rumba)
14. Faded (Rumba)
15. O mare e tu (Rumba)
16. Io Non Ti Lascero Mai (Rumba)
17. Perdóname (Rumba)
18. Dubbi non ho (Rumba)
19. Alma De Vento (Rumba)


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