Casaphon – Feel The Latin Rhythm

ALBUM ARTIST: The Latin Drums

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1Tudo Ocorre (Samba 46)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:49
2El Batir (Samba 46)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:51
3Pés Esticados (Samba 46)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm3:02
4Batucada Balanceo (Samba 46)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm3:14
5Macia Deslizando (Samba 46)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:07
6Bata A Batida (Samba 46)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:45
7Básico Fácil (Cha Cha 28)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm3:31
8Piernas Rápidas (Cha Cha 28)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:15
9Ligero (Cha Cha 28)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:30
10El Estirar (Cha Cha 28)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:45
11Guitarra Romántica (Rumba 23)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:58
12Sonidos Cortos (Rumba 23)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:49
13Acciones Del Juego (Rumba 23)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:47
14Profundamente Y Pesadamente (Rumba 23)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm3:10
15Expresado (‘Espana Cani’ Phrasing, 3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:05
16El Marzo (8 Beat Phrasing) (Paso Doble 58)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:05
17Gitanos Y Castanuelas (8 Beat Phrasing) (Paso Doble 58)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:34
18El Torero Se Presenta (8 Beat Phrasing) (Paso Doble 45)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:53
19Dancehall Drums (Jive 38)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:33
20Step In Time (Jive 38)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:13
21Clap Your Hands (Jive 38)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:54
22Get In The Swing (Jive 38)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:40
23Fogo Quente (Samba 50)The Latin DrumsinstrumentalRhythm2:01



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