Blackpool Legends (2CD)


Music of the New Empress Orchestra. Blackpool Legends is a must for all dancers.

Rhythm/Style: Mix (Std & Lat)
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Tema

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 Blackpool Legends (2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
01Mountain Greenery – Day in Day outQuickstep 491:57Ken Turner 
02Too close for comfortQuickstep 492:44Irven Tidswell 
0342 StreetQuickstep 492:06Charles Barlow 
04The good old bad old daysQuickstep 492:45Ken Turner 
05Sing Sing SingQuickstep 492:08Charles Barlow 
06Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves youFoxtrot 292:56Irven Tidswell 
07I should careFoxtrot 292:24Charles Barlow 
08Bye Bye BlackbirdFoxtrot 293:16Ken Turner 
09My Melancholy BabyFoxtrot 292:33Charles Barlow 
10SupremeFoxtrot 293:07Ken Turner 
11Vecchia GuitarritaTango 332:10Charles Barlow 
12Blue TangoTango 332:39Irven Tidswell 
13Blaver HimmellTango 333:12Ken Turner 
14AnnientamentoTango 332:12Charles Barloe 
15EmmelineWaltz 302:24Irven Tidswell 
16TenderleyWaltz 302:57Ken Turner 
17Goldern Years WaltzWaltz 302:26Charles Barlow 
18DiannaWaltz 303:06Ken Turner 
19Request waltzViennese Waltz 542:03Charles Barlow 
20Melodia ./ Kiss me again / i’ll be your sweetheartViennese Waltz 542:06Charles Barlow 
 Blackpool Legends (2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
21Isn’t it a loverly dayCha Cha 302:18IrvenTidswell 
22PatsyCha Cha 302:47Ken Turner 
23When I take my suger to teaCha Cha 302:09Charles Barlow 
24Call me irresponsibleCha Cha 302:15Irven Tidswell 
25PerdidoCha Cha 302:15Charles Barlow 
26Born FreeRumba 262:42Ken Turner 
27How wonderful to know/Corma PrimaRumba 263:24Irven Tidswell 
28Women in LoveRumba 262:41Charles Barlow 
29SorentaRumba 262:48Ken Turner 
30The winds of warRumba 262:38Charles Barlow 
31CopacabanaSamba 502:08Irven Tidswell 
32I love you and don’t you forget itSamba 502:03Ken Turner 
33Sam BabaSamba 502:06Charles Barlow 
34I go to rioSamba 502:28Ken Turner 
35Jumpin’ JiveJive 442:03Charles Barlow 
36Take the A trainJive 442:02Irven Tidswell 
37Lester leaps inJive 442:03Charles Barlow 
38CarrascorraPaso Doble 602:24Charles Barlow 
39Apmarito RocaPaso Doble 602:38Ken Turner 
40Here comes the toreadorPaso Doble 602:09Charles Barlow 


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