Simply The Best Introduction to Waltz

The legendary ballroom champions, Marcus and Karen, dedicate all their dancing life to you by teaching their secrets of dancing in this video. Featuring a basic group composed of basic figures, the Hiltons will introduce essential exercises (Rise & Fall, Rotation, and Swing) for you to understand the dance with emotion. They also explain in detail about good balance, beautiful posture, correct connection and standing position to give you an insight of ballroom dancing.
Rhythm/Style: Waltz
Dancer (Instructor): Marcus & Karen Hilton
Level of Dance: For Absolute Beginners
Format: DVD
Approx: 34 min.

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  • Dance the Basic Group to the music
  • Dance to the slow teaching counts
    (Another Direction)
  • Exercise
    Rise and Fall. Rotation. Swing
  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Standing Position
  • Connection


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