Fundamentals Of Movement In Latin (6-video)


A 2.5h course designed to help anyone master fundamentals of movement and elevate their entire dancing.

Andrea Silvestri & Martina Varadi are one of the top WDSF Amateur Latin couples. They are finalists in all the major events such as Grand Slams and WDSF World & European Championships. Their style of dancing is driven by the core principles of Latin American dancing.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Dancer (Instructor): Andrea Silvestri & Martina Varadi
Level of Dance: All levels
Format: Full HD
Timing: 2h40min


What You’ll Find In This Course

The most basic Latin-American dancing principles, such as bodyweight, are essential if you want to develop into a good dancer.

This course is structured in two parts: theory and choreography.

In the theory part, Andrea & Martina explain how to use your bodyweight and have a correct posture. Then, they go deeper into explaining how to use the bodyweight to move forward, backward, and to the side. And lastly, they will focus on the connection between partners, through bodyweight. With these key ingredients, you will be able to establish yourself as a dancer that respects the key principles of dancesport.

In the choreography part of the course, Andrea & Martina will show you four basic routines and four more advanced routines, by applying all the principles discussed in the theoretical section.

Lesson Plan

1. Introduction
2. Posture & Bodyweight
3. Body Weight in 3 steps
4. Connection & Partnering
1. Basic Choreographies
2. Advanced Choreographies


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