Dancelife – Lust 4 Latin 4


ALBUM LABEL: Dancelife
ALBUM ARTIST: Dancelife Studio Orchestra

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1First Arabian Body (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalPop2:44
2Alors On Danse (Remix) (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestrafrenchPop2:34
3Full Thrift (edit) (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:06
4Sum Bah Yeah (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalElectro3:13
5Intoxicated (edit) (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:54
6Imma Be (Samba 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:07
7Levitating (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishElectro3:52
8Acapella (Cha Cha 31)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishElectro4:10
9What A Man Gotta Do (Cha Cha 30)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:48
10Timber (Cha Cha 31)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:03
11So In Love With You (Remix) (Cha Cha 31)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:37
12Mad Issues (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:17
13You Right (explicit) (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:46
14Lonely (edit) (explicit) (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:05
15No Diggity (Rumba 23)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop4:03
16U Move I Move (Rumba 24)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:23
17Tainted Love (Swing Remix) (Jive 40)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:06
18Blinding Lights (Jive 43)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:21
19Savage Love (Jive 40)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:38
20Cardigan (Jive 40)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop3:02
21Personal Jesus (the better version) (Jive 42)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishPop2:46


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