Blackpool My Blackpool – The Music Now & Then Vol.1 (2CD)


A great nostalgic trip from the Empress Orchestra headed by Irven Tidswell. More through the great hits of the past to the hits for today. Also check out volume 2.

Rhythm/Style: Mix (Std & Lat)
Brand: WRD


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My Blackpool – Now & Then Vol.1 (2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
01Wonderful One Waltz 292:25Irven Tidswell 
02Chopin Theme Waltz 292:26Irven Tidswell 
03The Desert Song Waltz 292:26Irven Tidswell 
04More Than Love Waltz 292:57Irven Tidswell 
05Theme From The ThornbirdsWaltz 292:32Charles Barlow 
06Jean Waltz 292:27Irven Tidswell 
07Goodnight My Love Waltz 292:26Irven Tidswell 
08Emily Waltz 292:24Irven Tidswell 
09Deep Purple Foxtrot 292:26Charles Barlow 
10On The Sunny Side Of The Street Foxtrot 292:25Irven Tidswell 
11Fly Me To The Moon Foxtrot 292:34Irven Tidswell 
12The Days Of Wine & Roses Foxtrot 292:57Irven Tidswell 
13Red Roses For A Blue Lady Foxtrot 292:26Charles Barlow 
14Moonglow Foxtrot 292:43Irven Tidswell 
15I’ll Always Believe In You Foxtrot 292:21Irven Tidswell 
16The Lady Is A Tramp Quickstep 502:04Irven Tidswell 
17Strike Up The Band Quickstep 501:40Irven Tidswell 
18Too Close For Comfort Quickstep 502:43Irven Tidswell 
19It Could Happen To You Quickstep 501:44Irven Tidswell 
20Everythings Coming Up Roses Quickstep 501:41Irven Tidswell 
21Angry Quickstep 501:56Irven Tidswell 
22Idaho Quickstep 502:02Irven Tidswell 
23Flight Of The Foo Birds Quickstep 501:46Irven Tidswell 
24Sing Sing Sing Quickstep 502:00Charles Barlow 
25Golden Tango Tango 322:10Irven Tidswell 
26Annientamento Tango 322:11Charles Barlow 
27Ecstasy Tango Tango 322:11Irven Tidswell 
28Hernando’s Hideaway Tango 322:10Irven Tidswell 
My Blackpool – Now & Then Vol.1 (2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
29Dancero Cha Cha 312:15Irven Tidswell 
30Isn’t This A Lovely Day Cha Cha 312:13Irven Tidswell 
31Pepito Cha Cha 312:13Irven Tidswell 
32Bali Hai Cha Cha 312:13Irven Tidswell 
33Perdido Cha Cha 312:15Charles Barlow 
34The Swingin’ Sheperd Blues Cha Cha 312:52Charles Barlow 
35Something Stupid Cha Cha 312:13Charles Barlow 
36Brazil Samba 502:30Irven Tidswell 
37Copacabana Samba 502:19Irven Tidswell 
38The Coffee Song Samba 502:03Irven Tidswell 
39Maria From Bahia Samba 502:04Irven Tidswell 
40Cuban Love Song Rumba 262:43Irven Tidswell 
41Le Playa Rumba 262:38Irven Tidswell 
42Champions Rumba 262:41Irven Tidswell 
43Evergreen Rumba 263:12Irven Tidswell 
44The Power Of Love Rumba 262:41Irven Tidswell 
45Memory Rumba 262:40Charles Barlow 
46Manolita Paso Doble 601:42Irven Tidswell 
47Here Comes The Toreador Paso Doble 602:07Irven Tidswell 
48Forward Amigos Paso Doble 601:47Irven Tidswell 
49Let’s Kick Jive 432:24Irven Tidswell 
50Bandstand Boogie Jive 432:00Irven Tidswell 
51Leroy Brown Jive 431:58Irven Tidswell 


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