Ballroom Nights 10 (2CD)


The new edition of the popular Standard series with 40 modern & new recordings in perfect rhythm and tempo!
ALBUM LABEL: Dancehouse

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1Lift Me Up (from Black Panther ‘Wakanda Forever’) (Slow Waltz 28)KennedyenglishSoundtrack2:37
2Killing Me Softly With His Song (Slow Waltz 28)Everett BrooksenglishPop2:58
3By The Fireside (Slow Waltz 28)Torfi OlafssoninstrumentalPop3:06
4Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Slow Waltz 28)RyderenglishPop2:43
5Remember Your Smile (Slow Waltz 28)Stefania MorinaenglishPop2:47
6For The First Time (Slow Waltz 29)WadeenglishPop2:46
7Time After Time (Slow Waltz 29)SawyerenglishPop2:39
8Hello (Slow Waltz 28)Everett BrooksenglishPop2:55
9Hernando’s Hideaway (from ‘The Pajama Game’) (Tango 32)Juan Milonga & Aires Boca AiresenglishElectro2:31
10Higher (Tango 32)BandongoinstrumentalOrchestra2:49
11You Know I’m No Good (Tango 32)Sergio Bermejo & Christian AleenglishOrchestra2:26
12Dance With The Enemy (Tango 32)Alex BesssinstrumentalElectro2:16
13Pa’ Bailar (Tango 32)Las RamblasspanishElectro2:47
14Tango Erotico (Tango 32)LeticiaspanishElectro2:16
15Tango Electro (Tango 32)Clive LukoverinstrumentalElectro2:34
16Sway (Quien Sera) (Tango 32)Osi TejerinaenglishElectro2:14
17J’ai Tant Escamoté (Viennese Waltz 59)AmabellefrenchMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy3:23
18Charlotte (Viennese Waltz 59)LugoinstrumentalOrchestra3:00
19La Demoiselle De Déshonneur (Viennese Waltz 58)BeaudouinfrenchMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy2:37
20Boyfriend (Viennese Waltz 59)EmberenglishPop2:37
21Next To Me (Slowfox 28)Urselle & The Cooltrane QuartetenglishSwing2:37
22Station Quatre-Septembre (Slowfox 28)EliafrenchMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy2:44
23Oh Champs-Élysées (Slowfox 28)AmabellefrenchMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy2:45
24Ooh-Wee (Slowfox 28)Jonny BluenglishSwing2:49
251 2 3 4 (unplugged) (Slowfox 28)Swingpop!englishNu Jazz/Electro Swing3:00
26Shallow (from ‘A Star Is Born’) (Slowfox 28)The Puppini Sisters feat. The Pasadena Roof OrchestraenglishSoundtrack2:47
27Und Wenn Ein Lied (Slowfox 28)GoldmeistergermanSwing3:34
28Got A Thing For Swing (Slowfox 29)Mark KingswoodenglishSwing2:50
29Power Over Me (Slowfox 29)Swingpop!englishSwing2:46
30L’Important, C’Est La Rose (Slowfox 29)FlemmingfrenchPop3:50
31Shot In The Dark (electro swing version) (Quickstep 50)Emma-LeeenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:09
32Dance Monkey (DSDJ McKen Mix) (Quickstep 50)Free ShotsenglishSwing2:47
33Mr. Brightside (Quickstep 50)Swingpop!englishSwing2:58
34High (explicit) (Quickstep 50)Mr. MossenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:55
35Hamma! (Quickstep 50)GoldmeistergermanSwing3:17
36Matter Of Opinion (Quickstep 50)Miss 600englishNu Jazz/Electro Swing3:15
37Joy (Quickstep 50)WyattenglishPop3:15
38Pasta E Basta (Quickstep 50)Dimie CatenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing3:47
39Love Thy Neighbor (from ‘The Prom’) (Quickstep 50)Sage EllianaenglishSoundtrack3:07
40Come Alive (Quickstep 50)Loki OneenglishNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:24


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